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"November's sky is chill and drear,

November's leaf is red and sear."

-   Sir Walter Scott

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Late Payment Penalty

The City of Panorama Park was notified by State Auditor’s office that the city was not in compliance with Panorama Park Code of Ordinances, Sec. 99.05 [3] regarding late payment penalties for sewer payments.

Late Payment Penalty.  Bills not paid when due shall be considered delinquent.  A one-time late payment penalty of ten percent (10%) of the amount due shall be added to each delinquent bill.

Currently, the penalty is assessed at two percent (2%) for late payments. We are unsure when and why the late payment penalty was reduced, but the city has been in violation of it's own ordinance for some time. In order to become compliant, the City of Panorama Park will begin assessing a late payment penalty of ten percent (10%) effective October 1, 2018. 



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