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Bulk Trash Cleanup - July 15th


We know you don’t always have the time or ability to dispose of your large, bulky waste items. Bulk waste includes items that are typically too large to be disposed of in your regular curbside trash container. To help you get rid of these large items, on July 15th Republic Services will pickup bulk trash for recycling or disposal along with your regular curbside pickup. Bulk items typically include: couches, lamps, rugs, mattresses, and large appliances without Freon.

Contact City Hall at (563) 293-1293 if you need assistance or if you need help determining the types of debris that will be accepted for disposal. 

Changes to Ordinance 99.02


At the Council Meeting on Wednesday, June 12th, the City Council voted to approve a revision to Ordinance 99.02 that suspends the collection of sewer fees, effective July 1st. The lost revenue will be offset with monies collected from the Local Option Sales Tax. This will result in a $300.00 annual savings per household.

(Revised 06/13/2019)

Health Nuisance Abatement


Residents of the City of Panorama Park are encouraged to use the new Health Nuisance Complaint Form to inform city officials of a health nuisance. This form may be used to report: Tall Grass & Weeds (over 6"), Brush piles on property, Garbage/Junk on property, Junk Vehicle, Tires piled on property, Appliances on property, Dangerous Building, and Broken Windows/Holes in Structure.

A letter was sent with the June sewer statement to each residence with specific information regarding nuisance abatement.



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