Health Nuisance Complaint

Use the form below to report a health nuisance complaint in City of Panorama Park. For more, refer to Chapter 50 - Nuisance Abatement Procedures of the Code of Ordinances. A health nuisance may include: Tall Grass & Weeds (over 6"), Brush piles on property, Garbage/Junk on property, Junk Vehicle, Tires piled on property, Appliances on property, Dangerous Building, and Broken Windows/Holes in Structure complaints.

  • This form is for reporting health nuisances that occur in the City of Panorama Park. If the incident did not occur in Panorama Park, Iowa, please contact your local Health Department.
  • The City of Panorama Park is unable to assist with noise or vehicle complaints. Please direct these concerns to the Scott County Sheriff's Office.

City of Panorama Park

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